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The Skyriders! are an awesome team of incredibly talented and professional trampoline acrobats that have been performing what's been called "the best trampoline show in the industry" for more than 16 years and recently won the "Best Presentation Award" at The International Motor Show in Bangkok, Thailand while performing for Mercedes Benz. Headed by 3 Time National Trampoline Champion and current Guinness World Record Holder Ken Kovach, The Skyriders! Trampoline Show has performed as a featured halftime show for every team in the NBA! These talented aerial entertainers, who have many national and international titles between them, reach heights of up to 26 feet in the air!

About Us

Ken is the owner of Pinnacle Productions, Inc., the producer of The Skyriders! Trampoline Show and has more than 35 years of experience in the trampoline show industry! The Skyriders! use World Class athletes who are also great entertainers. Their high-flying shows wow audiences of all ages including those hard to please teens! The Skyriders shows are great for sports events, corporate events, festivals, school shows, mall shows as well as any kind of special event.... the sky's the limit! The Skyriders! perform world class competitive trampoline routines along with show stopping maneuvers featuring snow skis, snowboards, wakeboards, ball tossing and even Ken's Guinness World Record Hula Hoop routine and his hilarious, sky high finale, the front-drop poses followed by his death defying "neck breaker" which always draws a gasp from the crowds! Ken Kovach and The Skyriders! are full-on, full-throttle entertainment at its best!

Equipment and Requirements:

Floor Space:
Trampolines are rectangular: 10' x 17'. A 5' buffer zone is required for each side of the trampoline exposed to spectators.

  • Minimum space required in the center of a public area is 20' x 27'. Minimum space required in a corner area (two solid corner walls), is 15' x 22'. Outdoor venues may require an extra 5' of space (length or width) for a canopy to protect sound equipment from precipitation.
  • Overhead Space: Preferred height is 25' although 20' will work if ceiling is solid, but tricks may be slightly limited.
  • Sound System: If we provide a sound system, we need electric service (110 volts, 60Hz) within 200' of our performance area. Our standard system is a 400-watt system. Larger systems are available upon request. If you provide a sound system, we need to play music via a CD or an mp3 player through your system. Although not necessary, a microphone is highly recommended to allow us to MC our shows. For sporting events where a microphone is not available we can provide a script for the announcer to read. However we recommend a microphone for our MC’s if possible for use in the performance area.
  • Live Music: We can work with bands or DJ’s however we would need to speak to you and them to ensure our entertainment will be properly integrated.
  • Lighting: We do not provide a lighting system. A reasonably well-lit indoor area or normal outdoor daylight conditions are fine. Athletes need to be able to see visual references as they flip, particularly the trampoline bed. Spotlights occasionally have to be adjusted to avoid glare interfering with the athlete’s visual cues.

    Entry and Setup:
  • Some Common Questions:

    Please contact us with other specific questions you may have.


    The Skyriders! performed this spring for the halftime show as the Los Angeles Lakers hit the NBA playoffs. The Skyriders! have now performed for every team in the National Basketball Association!


    The Skyriders! shows offer many valuable opportunities for sponsors to have their message showcased at a thrilling and highly visible show site. (Don’t forget ­ these athletes go over 26 feet in the air, they can be seen for miles!) Some possibilities: